Granting of Tenancies

This page applies to residential only. Please see here for commercial

In order to be granted a tenancy, the following will apply and will be required:

Guarantor – Always required

A guarantee must be a property owner (usually parents, family member etc) Guarantee means “a secondary agreement in which one person (the guarantor) will become liable for the debt of the tenants, if the tenant defaults in any way of the tenancy agreement.” The property must be listed on the land registry and be in the appropriate name, otherwise they are not regarded as owning the property for our purposes. If the guarantor lives some distance away, it will be possible to remotely sign the guarantee agreement.

Holding Deposit

A maximum one week’s rent will be required as a holding deposit, which will hold the property for you whilst we take references and arrange the tenancy. The holding deposit will be deducted from the first rent or tenancy deposit if the application is successful.

Tenancy Deposit

A tenancy deposit of at least one month’s rent will be required. The tenancy deposit will be protected in one of the authorised Tenancy Deposit Schemes if an assured shorthold tenancy is granted. 


References and a tenancy assessment check will be carried out. The online application will guide you through what’s required.

Right to Rent (Immigration Act)

All applicants will require proof of identity, of which we will retain a copy. A passport is sufficient (including expired) but if you don’t have a passport we will need two of some other ID e.g. driving licence and birth certificate.

Granting of tenancy

A written tenancy agreement will have to be signed by the guarantor and all joint tenants before a tenancy can commence. The tenancy will normally be for a minimum term of 6 months (but the guarantor will last for as long as the tenancy continues)

First payment of rent

At least a full calendar month’s rent in advance is payable before keys can be handed over.


Whether pets are allowed is dependent on the pet and property in question. As a general rule, pets will be considered in houses, but less likely to be considered in flats.


Only one set of keys will be given. It is up to the tenants, at own expense, to purchase additional copies.

Gas, electricity, telephone, tv etc.

If a tenancy is granted, you must ensure you arrange for electricity, gas, telephone and any TV services to be connected. WE ARE UNABLE TO ASSIST as we are not the customer, so we cannot have anything to do with providing these services. We are not responsible for the quality of TV reception. You are allowed to arrange cable or sky to be installed for your moving in date.

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